Friday, 20 March 2009

See my Vest, See my VEST!.

This vest *was* going to be a birthday present for a lovely friend of mine, but although the pattern was a man's one... it's rather small and boyish... so perhaps is a GIRLS one instead!

Outfit Number 54, it can count right? It's certainly part of an outfit, and took as long as a skirt or a dress!

Because what actually took the longest was this funny little pocket on either side:

I have made one of these before (but ages and ages ago...) so I kinda forget what the hell to do, and stuffed it a little. I had to mock sew it up to look neat, and as I've already started another vest, I just did it perfect second time. I honestly can't explain it, cause remember sewing terminology just makes me go crazy... it's hard enough following patters!

Here's my interpretation of making the pocket:

You lay a bit of material down on top of the vest front, then you lay the pocket down, stitch two parallel lines, cut in between with these triangle bits on the side (told you it was crazy talk) and then you turn it... flatten it and HOPE you've got enough material to sew the second pocket to the first pocket... therefore creating LINING and a cute little pocket for a waistcoat watch or something TINY!

P.S. I've signed up for the Sew Retro blog too, cause I'm making so many vintage garments, thought it would be another cool place to show them off! Everyone seems nice over there! Can't wait to post some more!

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