Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Would this dress suit 'Garden Party'?

You know when you get a party invitation, and the dress says... 'Garden Party'... would this one be perfect for a Wedding Invitation that reads just so?

You know I'm totally thinking YES, It's absolutely PERFECT for a garden party wedding! So this is my first 'wiggle dress' that actually fits me. But I did have to change it around a bit from the original pattern and my first attempt at the style.

I have small shoulder bits. Yep, I got measured once by a proper seamstress and she said all my measurements are fine... apart from the line (vertical) from my shoulder to my boob. Ok, 'bust' we call it now that we are sewers and tailors. Not BOOBS! So that vertical line 'tween shoulder height and bust is very little indeed, so for this garment I took off just under an inch across the whole thing... and shortened the sleeves by 2 inches. They're still pretty wide overall, but look quite flattering.

As the material has a slight stretch in it (My mother in law sent it to me, so whilst it looks quite vintage, it may only be from the 1990s) I put it all together and looked completely fat around the skirt. Perhaps you can tell in this photo from the other dress, that there's quite a few gathers? (Just checked that photo and realised I was pulling it in so you wouldn't see how big the dress was on me)... hmpf!

Anyways, I cut heaps off the seam and put DARTS (see above) in the back sections. I am officially a tailor. It fits me heaps better now, but Husbie isn't getting home 'til late today, so you'll have to wait for my fashion shots. The wedding is this weekend!

and... I didn't forget... here's the vintage zipper. 100% recycled!

Oh, and one last thing, it's Outfit Number 52.


  1. Ok so I officially want your entire wardrobe... this dress is fab! and so perfect for a garden party. You did a beautiful job with the tailoring, meanwhile I'm such a spaz that I didn't even notice you pulling in the fabric in the other pic!

  2. Wow!! I LOVE IT!!! you are clever!! And i have just discovered that my bloglines hasn't updated your last three posts .. grr. Can't wait to see your 'fashion' shots. x

  3. I love it I love it I love it!!!! Your dresses are a big hit at the show :)

  4. You're gonna look stunning, that fabric is so fresh and lovely! Who doesn't love a wedding, especially when they have a new killer dress?! xx


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