Wednesday, 11 March 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #2

For WWW Watcha Wearing Wednesday:


These are Outfit 53, cause I made them in October last year but forgot to post them. So luckily I wore them today, so as to document them.

Cowboy Boots (over 5 years old), my short shorts (from a 60s pattern - they are extremely high waisted) and an 'office' shirt (cause it has buttons and a collar) and my retarded sunnies. And meet my nice tree. It's kinda a yukka but not!

Today I went to work, trotted around to meetings, went to visit the pet barn and chatted about pets with the staff and cooked tea. Pretty boring! But I looked pretty cute!


  1. You DO look pretty cute! Thanks so much for your amazing blog - It's got me inspired to start sewing again!

    I've come out of my lurking phase to ask you if you like German Shepherds? My Mum is looking after TEN GS cross puppies for the RSPCA - they'll be looking for homes in about a month's time...

    So we're not talking purebreds - we're talking about rescue mutts, reared in a quiet home by two of the sweetest old folks you ever could meet...

  2. Look at your pretty short shorts! As much as I would love to go to work in that cute outfit it would be impossible. I would probably get fired or something. The other day I had normal red tights and they were all looking at me like if I was a monster!!! Crazy business people.

  3. Thanks Miss D! My Auntie breeds German Shepherds, so I know them well! They're a little big for my home!

    And I know what you mean Claudia, if I wore this in my old workplace, I'd have been given the flick too!



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