Wednesday, 18 March 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #3

Phew! Finally getting into blogging and sewing again... It's been a tough recovery from the Wedding of the Century. But here I am... although a little tired:

It's a dress I made last year (couldn't find it in the archives... it was the one that shoulda had white cuffs and collars, but I fucked them up in the wash, so had to be black all over.) and still looks kinda nice, but a bit faded.

I'm hella tired but slightly less grumpy than yesterday, and discovered my Husbie's iphoto has updated itself, so hence my old fashioned photo look. GEEKY! Today I went to work, early of course (do I tell you enough that I work EARLY?!), and organised the hell out of my workmates, plus planned a bit more for next week. Phew! And since I got home I organised some more (work just never ends!) but got a little gutsy and will more than likely finish a little waistcoat vest for a friend for his birthday!

Might finish it off now, I've turned it and just need to sew the buttons on... and find a funny little buckle for the back bit!

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