Thursday, 16 April 2009

Oh dear, there's nothing cuter than a dog bed!

What can I say, I think I've made the best thing EVER!

You know, I've put all this energy into making dresses for my 100 Outfits Challenge, when I should have been making DOG BEDS this whole time. How freaking cute is it?

Sorry about the wonky photoshop, but I wanted to show you all sides in one photo (Also how weird is the colour red to photograph? Sometimes it's fine sometimes it goes WEIRD). There's a zip on the underside, so as to wash the red cover if it's dirty and too slobbery, and also a removable cushion when she gets bigger. The insides (rough and yukky) are from thick cord like material cushions covers (c/o a clothing swap last year) and stiffened with interfacing (the kind you'd strengthen handbags with, I've got some leftover to make a new bag tomorrow) and softened with an old pillow.

I'm especially proud of the red material (the grid one is from the Tempe Tip - a curtain maybe?) and the pillow is a ribbed knit that I've had for AGES (I think even Mum's stash) so it'll totally smell like our house for our new puppy - WHO ARRIVES TOMORROW.

(Am I excited or what?)


  1. My goodness! that looks much more complicated than a dress!! Well done. I shall have to be making one myself soon, but I don't think it will be half as good as yours!

  2. Incredible. Do they come in people sizes too?!

  3. this is so cute, I can't wait to see the puppy who'll be lucky enough to sleep in it! And if your dog is anything like mine, you'll be washing those covers every week (sometimes more if it's been raining).....

  4. Little Miss Doggie will look a princess in her little bed! How exciting, very cute name too xx j.


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