Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Outfit #59 - Fashions on the Field!

Hey! Here's Outfit #59 of my 100 Outfit Challenge...

It's the Danielle pattern (Free!) on Burda Style, and it was super easy to download and stick together, it just takes a bit of time. I made it for my bro's g/friend as she wanted sometime new to wear to the races! It's Racing Season in NSW, so a girl needs lots of dresses!

I changed the sleeves:

When I pinned the puffy sleeves to the dress, I couldn't imagine them working... so changed them for a little sleeve (it always reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the last scene where Magenta and Riff Raff are leaving and they're wearing these vests that have that sleeve - so I think it's a space sleeve or a 'future' sleeve - WEIRD!) and I think it looks really cute, and totally something you could wear when it's not race season.

I'd totally do a Burda Style pattern again, albeit the instructions on Danielle was a bit weird (refer to Photo 25 - when there was no Photo 25), I've followed enough patterns so I could work it out. This neckline is divine, and I'm so proud I got it straight, as curvy corners sometimes throw me off!


  1. ooh that's a lovely dress! I might pop along there to find the pattern myself! x

  2. I dig this! I was going to comment that my favourite part was a the soft ruffled sleeve as soon as I saw the first pictures. Then I read that you made the change. Aces!

  3. This is amazing! Ive downloaded a pattern from burdastle too, but not yet stuck it together or got anywhere near choosing fabric etc.. This has spurred me on!

  4. It looks great, I love the neckline too. It should be very flattering on.

  5. This looks stunning! Funny, I saw the pattern on Burda in the velvet and was not really that impressed, but LOVING it in your creation, especially the shorter sleeves.

  6. oh pretty! thank you so much for the sydney advice, you are more then welcome to plan the entire trip if you like! xx

  7. Veronica Darling, This dress is gorgeous! You simply *must* make a tutorial on how to do those sleeves! I MUST make them!!!
    I love this creation!

  8. This is just so beautiful. Totally my style with the cap sleeve and neckline. Love it!!!!


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