Friday, 24 April 2009

Outfits 57 and 58 - Shirts!

The 100 Outfit Challenge continues for me, with these lovely shirts!

They're for my friend, and hopefully I shall be seeing her tomorrow, so I can make a quick buck! Quick in the exchange, not so quick in the sewing! Now that I'm a Mummy of Doggie Darling, I've be flat out (not sewing) and so the shirts did take a while. They're pretty easy to do, and total copies of my husbie's shirt.

Just a quick post, I'm in the middle of laying out a Burda Style pattern. It's my first one (however I've been a member for a while - always longing and looking until now), and if you haven't tried it, you print out the pattern/instructions and stick them together. There's so many free patterns there, and I'm making a gift for my brother's girlfriend. I showed her heaps of pictures and she chose Danielle which was a free pattern! Lucky me! (I love thriftyness!)

Better go cause I'm on puppy watch!


  1. Awesome shirts - good on you!

    You're on the downhill run now with your 100 outfits personal challenge. What are you planning after you get to 100 (after you spend a day or two lying about in a banana chair drinking pina coladas, of course)?

  2. Glad to see you back in action! Was wondering what you'd been up to recently :)

  3. oh! You are a dog mum too!

    Your knit up is going strong in the back lanes there... and last week TWO people stopped me while I was doing knit ups and said they liked yours the best.


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