Monday, 13 April 2009

Phew, all my work is done (maybe)!

Phew! I'm back!

I have a busy job. And have been away for close to 2 weeks because of the hectic-ness. Phew. I love sewing because it's the complete opposite of what I do for a living... it's reflective, calm, meditative and logical. Yep, I enjoy logical because my job is slightly absurd at times. Sorry I didn't post, I could hardly even check personal emails! Eep!

But, the best news on earth... This will be our puppy as of Friday this week:

She's a staffy and gorgeous!

So I've been shopping for our new addition!!! A few months back I checked out Annie's Sweatshop on etsy (quite randomly I think!) and she makes eco-friendly dog things, from re-purposed fabrics and I'm in love. I bought another collar from my parent's pooch too. Yay!

Photo care of Annie's blog!

So I promise we won't get too carried away with pictures of Doggie... although I may be making a few doggie coats and jackets for the rain!!! I'm adamant to keep my blog about crafty adventures, so please point out if I get too lovey dovey about Doggie!


  1. ooh congratulattions on your new arrival! We have just decided to look into getting a dog and i've had EXACTLY the same idea as you ... jackets! It's a greyhound so they need one (or two etc.,) xx

  2. Super cute little thing! What did you call the little tiger?

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