Monday, 27 April 2009

Running HOT for errands

With a sore back, I ambled home today and tried to do things outside my usual schedule, so as to stop it aching. It's on the left side of my back, so can't be computer related and perhaps (HORROR) it's the sewing machine. EEP!

So I made some toasted muesli, using maple syrup and orange juice as the gushy wet stuff. I left out the sugar, cause maple syrup and cranberries do make it sweet:

And then a lovely parcel from My Mother in Law arrived for Doggie Darling:

I did manage a yoga class, a stop over at Remnants Warehouse (for elastic & some navy cotton fabric), Pet Barn and the grocer, and now am making a few delish things for my Husbie (hopefully he gets home soon). A Penne primavera and Baked chips with parmesan.

I'm watching the first episode of Master Chef Australia (and getting HEAPS hungry) and love the quote "Food is like an inferno in my heart".


  1. I just watched Master Chef! I had already eaten so it made me really hungry. It was good, but not quite up to the crazy British version that's on sometimes during the day.

  2. What a lovely evening! Hope your back gets better soon.

    How marvellous is muesli! I made Bircher muesli last week for the first time, then went out for brekky on the weekend and had fig and apricot muesli... yep, think I might be obsessed :)


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