Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Stash #2

Another Sunday, and the morning was full of reading my book, hanging with Doggie Darling and sewing (there shall be another post today) and as I pause for lunch (edamame!) thought I'd blog this unique Sunday Stash! My gorgeous friend's grandmother passed away recently, and the family are going through her belongings, and they decided to share with me her haberdashery collection:
Some lovely cotton fabric (today's newest stash item) and her house shoes. And a bagful of dress zips, and a massive amount of threads:

My friend's Grandmother certainly kept everything, and created a great collection of sewing things. I feel so touched that my friend thought of me and my (self-claimed) illustrious sewing skills. I can't wait to created darling garments to show my friend. Thank you gorgeous girl!

So, I better head back, but I'm sure you guys know about skype, so here's my Husbie and I skype-ing as he's away for work until Monday night:

I had to take a photo cause he looked so cute!

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