Saturday, 18 April 2009

There's nothing cuter than a PUPPY in a dog bed!


This is seriously the most gushy, loved up post I'll ever write (until the baby post - but that's not for a while) so be prepared for our Puppy Love! It's the new puppy!

She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (of the English variety peeps) and is 8 weeks old. Her name online is Doggie Darling, and therefore has a nom de plume like her Mummy and Daddy.

BUT are you hanging to see the dog bed as well? HERE IT IS with Doggie Darling!

She's dug around, pushed the cushion around, slept under the cushion, slept without the cushion. She's asleep right now. She hasn't even been in our house for 24 hours yet, and Husbie and I cannot do anything else but take photos of her and dote.

Now I'll be making dog toys for her!


  1. Doggie Darling is so so cute, and the bed you made is awesome! And photo #3 = love!

  2. Amazing! I meant to tell you yesterday that I was impressed with the removable bed cover. It's great and so is the puppy. Wishing you many happy and snuggling days with her.

  3. awwwwwww,I read the earlier doggy bed post and you inspired me to get this big old snuggly blanket from a pet section of my op shop keep my old beagle warm:-) he's really happy now. cheers! p.s you even matched the colour of the bed to the dog...great job.

  4. More photos! And, what an adorable addition to your doggie bed, it looks like it was made for her! hehe! xx j.

  5. She is beautiful...and that red bed sets off her dark features wonderfully!

  6. Oh V your puppy is too precious!!! What a gorgeous little doggie bed, she's uber stylish now! Love your www this week. You should make her a rope knot toy, our pup loved those when he was little.
    Have fun cuddling :)

  7. She's adorable. I luv staffy's.

  8. Doggie darling is divine. When I lived in a share house in Melbs I lived with a girl who had a staffy. She was gorgeous and a little on the weighty side of things. Staffy's have such good temperaments.

  9. Oh!! Really, he looks so cute... Pattern of dog bed is beautiful... I too got a new bed from


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