Monday, 20 April 2009

There's still craft but nothing hardcore

Ok, I did promise my blog would stick to being crafty. I'm not one to talk about my personal life, I prefer to keep it all about the Crafty Adventures BUT SHE'S JUST SO CUTE! Doggie Darling is doing pretty well, and it's now time for embarro pics of her!

HA HA! She blinked while I took the photo and she's STILL cute.

So you can imagine my time is pretty much full of dog and caring for little bunny-ness (she jumps really big like a rabbit). BUT, here's what I've been doing (watching West Wing Series 5) for another urban art project - or Guerrilla Knitting!

I'm plodding along slowly while watching the telly. My other pole warmer is still going well, considering it's rained a LOT recently. But there's a hole up the top now, so it'll unravel eventually.

Just checked grrl+dog's blog (who, by the way, inspired my Inner West knitting adventure - she's the Queen of Guerrilla Knitting in IW Sydney) and she's got LOTS going on, but there's mention of a knit community thing for Sydney peeps. LOVE it, I think I've got a crafty crush on grrl+dog actually. She's not only hot, but really good at street art. One of my lovely readers mistook my street art pole for one of hers, and I blushed.

On the topic of readers and knitting, Thea & Sami stopped by to follow my blog (thanks!) and I read through her recent posts, to find this:

OMFG, how much fun! There's a pattern as well, and designed by Megan Reardon and I'm totally going to make it for my friend over at The Playground Mischief!


  1. Ok, so I was going to start my annual scarf, but lookie there a woolly wig. Oh my I love this so much I can't stop laughting. Good find lovie.

  2. That pink wig is one of the most wonderful things I've seen in a long time!

    The 'word verification' for this comment is 'rugga' good is that...maybe the wig could be name The Rugga!

  3. The hat/wig is fantastic! such a cute idea!

    jess s//

  4. HA! LIke I said, I spoke to two fans, and they go,"I love that striped one in Enmore...that's my favourite...did you do that?" And I'm like, "er no,".

    Stay tuned for some new knit news, and we have an S&B monday nights on Enmore rd, number 22, near the goth place. Come! 6;30 till 9.

  5. Love the wig thing and your dog is so CUTE!

  6. OH HOW COOL is that pink wig thing!

    And go you for being guerilla knitter! I love the idea but have never seen a GK site in real life! would love to though...


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