Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Veronica Darling at a fashion parade - a real life one!

Veronica Darling, originally uploaded by nikkishell.

OMG! I was just hanging at wardroberefashion.net and Nikki has posted the Fashion Parade pics from the Stitches Show in Melbs! I haven't seen any yet, but check out my tablecloth dress on a real gorgeous model!


And does this work:

There's the other dress!


  1. Oh wow, they're great dresses! Congrats, that's so cool! I LOVE the stripey one!

  2. Congratulations! How very exciting - they look beautiful

  3. Your dresses looked fantastic on the runway. Can't wait to see them in person in a couple of weeks time!!! I noticed a couple of our clutches in some of the shots, but most of the photos are from the waist up, so hard to tell if the models are holding bags or not. Bummer!!! Oh well, not long to the Brisbane event now. So exciting!!!


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