Wednesday, 1 April 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #4

Another Wednesday! Today I worked, then worked some more, met Husbie for a late lunch (still full now on Thai Red Curry - my fave dish from the nearest thai restaurant - only $6 for a lunch special) and then talked about life and future things. We even wrote a pros and cons list about stuff that's a little on the lowkey (and may not eventuate anywhere even). I got a new diary the other week (I haven't had one for about 4 years. I used to fill at least one a year, and need a kickstart in writing again - blogging does help - but writing with black pens on nice notebooks makes the cake - takes the cake?) and we wrote our lists out. Husbie thinks about EVERYthing in the world all at once, and worries, so we write things out and it's always ok. (I've mentioned my positivity before right?)

We came home and I slept for 2 hours! A total nanna nap. Anyways, I did some more work when I woke up and haven't been in the sewing room ALL DAY! I'm dying to finish those shirts for my friend, and totally thought I'd have them for her by today. TOO BUSY!

Nevertheless, WWW today:

As we have indoor outdoor living at my lovely abode, we often get a bit of NATURE inside. I swept up the leaves and before tossing them asked Husbie to take a piccie of me Bill Henson style. I love it!

Oh! It's a dress I made last year (Did I post it?) from a vintage style... a few bits were missing so I had to TAILOR some pattern pieces to fit and whilst I really like the collar, the colour is a little light for me and beigy-pastelly stuff doesn't really go with my hair these days... Oh wells! Love the piccie Husbie!


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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