Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another knitted street sign pole...

... deets soon (as in piccies soon as I had to do it really quickly tonight)... but it's right here ... see the graff wall? There's a road sign right in front that is now urban outfitted and knitted.

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Yay, and phew, I did it around 5.30pm and no one even saw me (and my collaborator Mr Veronica Darling) so I felt pretty cool. I'll go and take photos tomorrow!

Otherwise, our doggie is doing well, she's been able to hang out with other dogs now that she's almost 12 weeks old. I also sold a dress on etsy (yay!) and keep meaning to get my orders for dresses started... I do have material to start on, so at least I've been shopping!

Hope you guys are all going well!

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