Sunday, 17 May 2009

Finders Keepers - an Excursion by Veronica Darling

Hello Sunday! It's bright and autumney sunny for us here in my neighbourhood, so we're up early (well Husbie is the up and at 'em type as he's already at the gym - I'm sitting here with Doggie Darling and drinking tea after a hard 10 minutes of play time with the dog toy!) and thought I'd report in on the Finders Keepers markets!

It was GREAT! But I actually felt that whilst Carriage Works is THE best place in Sydney for markets (I'm a huge fan of the farmer's market on early Saturdays - yuppie, but not too yuppie is what I say) the layout and the grouping of stalls made it difficult to browse comfortably. All the jewelry was grouped together, the clothing and then art stuff, so I felt (especially for the jewelry) that I couldn't appreciate the products... I felt like "more bangles, more earrings, more rings, more earrings" instead of "nice clothes, nice bangles, nice handbags, nice photos, nice earrings".

There's my BUT bit out of the way, so when I could actually concentrate on the gorgeous things, this is what I liked:

By far, the stand out (not just cause I know her) was Ginny & Jude, for holding fort on the vintage and beautifully handcrafted (and LONG hours of handcrafting) headpieces, brooches, and darling little delicate collars belts, and other accessories. Luckily (I thought) Ginny & Jude was at a T-intersection at the market, so easy to spot in my books. (I am also VERY short, so sometimes market shopping doesn't suit me) Anyways, you have to check out Ginny & Jude's blog and here's a photo I took from their etsy store:

Yay! My other gorgeous friend bought a black and white feather headpiece, yay! Ginny & Jude asked me where my stall was at Finders Keepers (so did a lot of people) but I have about 5 things in stock. Yesterday really did make me thing about how to get a "collection" together. One other thing that got me yesterday was that the clothing was all new, uber cool or zexy and mostly available in stores around King Street (so you can get it anytime)... only a couple of vintage skirts, or unique things.

But from the clothes bits I LOVED:

Donna Sgro's watery collection!

inSync Design's

I loved how light these were, I'll have to put them on the wish list!

And Sunday Morning Designs:

My friend bought these pillow cases in red, just GORGEOUS and organic and sustainable where possible, so big thumbs up in my book.

Anyways, if you went hope you had fun!

Note to Amy from Badskirt, I saw you, but there were 10 people lining up to buy and talk with you, so well done! Hope you had an awesome day!


  1. Nice selection from the market. Agree with your BUT bits. Yuppie, but not too true!

  2. I'm short too - and the aisles themsevles were a little small. Loved the atmos though, and I did manage to say hi to Amy - but I shyed away from the more 'famous' bloggers!

  3. You're making me jealous again! Sounds like you had an awesome time! I LOVE all markets, esp farmers markets!! Unfortunately since I'm living in Iowa now they only run for 4 mths of the year, and mainly consist of pies and corn!!!

  4. These are all really cool! I've never been to a farmer's market!


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