Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Knitting up my street signs

Yep, the Adventure continues, with my second street sign:

Thanks to Husbie for taking the piccies last night when I was asleep! What a love. As you may know I have to go to bed early because I wake for work so damn early, so I was a bit sad that I couldn't post you pics of my street art but was delighted to see the pics on the computer this morning. What a total darling!

So! It's just a little back from the main road, but suits the graff wall it sits with don't you think? I did the knit in block colours rather than stripes and I think it looks like rugby socks. It's on the same street as the other pole though, so if you've passed by you'll know that Indian takeaway on the corner 'Masala House'. Also, it's entirely rescued wool, leftover wool and second hand wool! Yay!

Love it! I'm already a 2 episodes of West Wing into my next urban knitted art piece, it'll be red stripes (I got some extra from the op shop the other day, so should be enough for red and burgundy stripes. Nice!)

The change in the weather (it's much colder here at nighttime now) has made me yearn for more clothes. But since I'm making stuff for other peeps and myself, I need more time! I wonder if this weekend I can avoid being social... Hmmmm...?


  1. Love this! Looks excellent with the graffiti colours. Am thinking that my neck of the woods (north, north, north...and then a little further north) could do with some guerilla knitting too. There is DEFINITELY none here already:)

  2. What fun! The colours are perfect with that wall and you're in great company with a sneaky Banksy piece just up the road. I'll point it out to the kids on the way to work to further inspire their knitting!

  3. I love your reverse vandalism. Very impressive!

  4. Cool! I'd love to do some guerilla knitting, if only i had the time. One day!

  5. Awh, this is lovely.
    Do you worry about it getting icky (for lack of a better word) from being out in the rain?

    Best Wishes!

  6. Well...that pole looks FANTASTIC! Love the multicolors and the uniform stripes....

  7. Short squeeky voiced blonde girlThursday, 14 May 2009 at 14:22:00 GMT+8

    You're awesome! Making the world a more magical place is the whole point of art, as Lisa Simpson once said.

  8. This one is ace. I love the colors and stripe spacing!

  9. well done
    i want to start doing some street knitting in my small town

    i have thought about adorning the barren winter trees with colourful knitted leaves


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