Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A little gushy over you - #2

Another gushy post about sewing, and this time I've got to give a bit of stalker cred to The Small Stuff! I can't remember if I started stalking her blog, or if she dropped by here but ... CHECK OUT:

That's her banner for her blog, but it's a totally great recap of the awesome things she's made for the Becky Bean etsy store. I LOVE all the bags, and she's a total inspiration for the recycling area of handmade on etsy and in the blogosphere. I voted for something she made the other week, and just love the fabric she's used to make those ace handbags.


The first thing that attracted to me to sewing my own clothes (apart from my tiny stature not being able to fit ANY shop bought garments) is recycling and reusing fabric that was left behind... for me left behind at vintage stores... ie op shops etc... but I LOVE how The Small Stuff blog is filled with fabrics you never would imagine should hang together!

And whilst I'm still constructing my vintage 60s dress from this fabric, here is my crush post #2.

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