Sunday, 3 May 2009

Outfit #60 - Birthday Party Skirt

Gosh, it's been busy. Yesterday was a BFF's birthday party so I made a One Hour Skirt! I've made this one a few times (from my own brain, no pattern), a box striped one and a floral one.

It's a newly acquired fabric from the stash, and new/old buttons from my friend's Granny.

The diff with this skirt though, I didn't use a zipper, I just folded the ends over (where the zipper should be and as there's pleats (or gathers) all around the waistband, it hides the gap. I've told you before I'm REALLY bad at explaining sewing terms and lingo! Anyways, it does the job and I looked great last night for BFF's party!

So! 60/100, not bad! Oh, and with the large thick waistband, it's kinda dirndl and I seem to recall a dirndl How To over at The Closet Seamstress!


  1. Indeed the fabric stunning, very much suits the style. And LOVE the idea of no zipper! Sounds tres easy?


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