Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Outfit #61 for etsy!

Just finished this one off before my Husbie got home, so he got to take the shots for etsy! Yay.

Outfit 61! Available on Veronica Darling Etsy, go there now!

I decided that I spend WAY too much time prepping my images for etsy, so I'm going to post these photos and see what they look online. My husbie always takes good pics, and it shows the garment in natural light, so that's always good for etsy.

This dress is a little vintage inspired, as I got a bunch of 60s bridesmaid patterns the other day, yet I've tweaked this somewhat to make it a little more modern and lovely. Yay!

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  1. Hey it looks great-save the image prep time for sewing and cute puppy playing instead, I say. The top pic is especially good online shoppers to see the fabric detail as well as the all important sleeve...So impressed that you made this so fast. My sewing gets slower and slower these days!


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