Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Outfit #62 is perfect for the Northern Hemisphere!

As you know, if you check in here regularly, I'm aiming for 100 Outfits all made by me. I started last year, and have comfortably crept into the 60s, with this gorgeous floral dress. It's perfect for spring and summer time peeps!

It's very "swingy" along the sleeves and along the hem line. It's a little like this one but heaps more normal.

I just realised that I've made over 30 outfits since I got my new brother machine, and a bunch more since I got my overlocker. It certainly makes you motivated when you've got good tools!

This dress is on my etsy site now, and pretty cute if you're around a size 12!

My MIL arrives in a few minnies, so I better rush off... here's something that I'll start when she leaves and when I get back from working interstate. Some sort of wiggle dress with these materials:

And I tried a bib, it looks ok, just tricky working with different materials, as I've got a soft under bit, and the silk bias binding is a bit slippery. I've been meaning to try baby things for AGES, and this is pretty easy since it only takes up about a foot of fabric...

I'll post from time to time, but happy rest of May if I don't! I *may* be attempting this kinda thing while I'm away!


  1. Wow! That is a beautiful dress.
    Oh and can i say how much i have noticed your sewing skills have improved since you started the 100 outfits challenge?! Not to say you weren't good when you started of course ;)

  2. I'm in awe of the number and quality of dresses that you whizz up!


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