Sunday, 10 May 2009

West Winging my knitting

Almost finished my knitting, for another urban artspace thing!

I love it! We're into Season 6 of West Wing now, so hence the mad knitting. CJ just got a promotion, just like me who got a semi promotion and will act in a management position soon. I'm just like CJ. I love her. And I love that I can multitask and watch West Wing and knit at the same time.

We went for a walk before with Doggie Darling, and measured the street pole I had in mind, and I really think it's long enough now! It's a sign post closer to the main road, so it'll be more in 'the open' and it makes me a little nervous about sewing it up... the back lane was easy and it was just my neighbours walking past... the main street has heaps of passerbys. EEP.

Perhaps I'll have to get some guts up early this arvo, AFTER I've done my tax. Yep, the only year I'm late with my tax is the year everyone gets stimulated!


  1. you go grrl!

    You know folks in enmore...they will walk right past.. cant wait to see it.

  2. oooh, exciting. I'm coming down to the Finder's Keepers this weekend would love to know what street your knitting will be displayed.

  3. We just finished season six! I love CJ too! I like to think of myself as a short version - although realistically I'm probably the blonde with the squeaky voice.

  4. OMG! I'm very short too and was worried I'd be that squeaky voiced girl... I'll have to dream of being the short CJ version...

    Thanks for your comments guys! I might do the mad dash today, so will keep you posted!

  5. Well done on your promo, your job must be amazing! xx


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