Wednesday, 6 May 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #6

For Watcha Wearing Wednesday, I wore my brown autumnal skirt I made on the weekend.

I went to work, a little itsy bitsy hungover (cause I got a payrise yesterday after my work's job assessment, so a very, very small amount of champagne was drunk by me and Husbie - hee hee), but then I had fun at work and ate loads of food (two lunches, dumplings and a salad, cause it was hard to decide) and then came home and played with my baby dog Doggie Darling and then finished a dress for my etsy. Phew and Yay!

(I'm also holding my little sewing scissors cause I had them round my neck before Husbie took the photo - SNIP SNIP)

Overall it is a LOT harder to sew with a puppy, she's absolutely gorgeous (and congrats to new doggie Marley over at Marmalade Kiss) but she's spun out by EVERYthing in my sewing room. And delighted by the iron cord most of all and I just can't have her in there chewing. *sigh* less sewing but more cuddles I guess!


  1. That skirt looks great...these are the colors that I wear all the time...think we have the same top...and hair!

  2. That skirt looks even better when worn by you!

  3. Congratulations on the payrise! and thanks for the Marley welcome! Hope hangover has gone now. I always find that coke helps .. cocacola that is!!! x

  4. such a darling outfit, love the skirt!

    great blog too Lady!

    jess s//

  5. The skirt looks so GREAT on you, you are so tiny!!! I love that fabric so much!!! xx


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