Saturday, 6 June 2009

Brunch (and a bit sicky) on a sunny day

It's the Long Weekend, it's sunny and gorgeous outside, we have the papers, we have a cute dog to walk, and I'm SICK! Nothing serious but just annoying.

Husbie and I made this omelette this morning, adding ginger (for Sickie Me) and leftover tofu (with the mushrooms):

And it's well worth trying! No cream or cheese, so very healthy and fresh (we had coriander in our garden ready to go!) and delish.

We went up the road earlier to shop (have to order the Melissa shoes in my wee size) and ended up buying a heater for the house. Last winter was totally freezing (high ceilings, big glass doors and windows and concrete floors) so we thought we'd get a little small gas heater to take the edge off. I also finished one little knitted critter, and halfway through a yellow wiggle dress, but onto West Wing and more knitting tonight.

Happy Saturday!

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