Friday, 19 June 2009

The funniest little dog jacket

I'm knitting like crazy this winter, nothing amazingly difficult, but still pretty funny (and fun of course) and gosh we laughed so much at this:

So I googled for AGES for the right jumper for our dog, as we're travelling down south this week, and it'll be cold for her. PLUS she's a bit shy of the rain and chill, as in she does those gorgeous sad puppy eyes (FOR REAL) and gets out of going outside to the toilet, cause we just wanna cuddle her all the time.

First up I found the above pattern (you may not be able to see it, cause you have to sign up for it - free though) and knitted away. It was a little small, and very thin really. Too cold for Melbourne.

So I then found the Midnight Knitter's pattern, and thought it looked pretty sweet. Her little puppy must be tiny though, cause my version was totally small, and have to add extra "designer" bits to it. I say designer becuse I have no idea what the fuck I'm knitting, but I'm just going to attach it all together and see how it goes. She's absolutely gorgeous, so no matter what "designer" knitwear I pull together I bet she's gorgie. No photo as yet, because I still haven't finished.

I'm also knitting a baby bonnet, and it's WAY cute, so hopefully it works out. AND I'm also knitting a baby jumper. CRAZY! I've never had so many knitting projects on the go, but it's a mix of big needles and little ones so it helps to swap around to avoid cramps. All the patterns are from vintage books, or sweet little 1950s booklets (with the best pics, I'll have to take a photo for you). Gosh my local op shops are handy for craft at the moment.

Anyways, I'm on holidays now for a week, and totally trying to relax. We were going to hit the road today, but I'm going to fly down tomorrow with Husbie & Doggie Darling following tomorrow in the car. My darling bestie's baby turns 1, so I have to make it in time, and 8 hours driving can't guarantee an accurate arrival time. Anyways, I'm tossing up an arvo wine, or cuppa tea, to go with my knitting... I wonder what I'll choose????


  1. Omg it's so cute!!! Love it! But clucky, much? :P hehe

  2. oohh! She is is soooo cute...dies she get a teletubbie helmet to match?

  3. I'm a sucker for doggies in clothes so I had to comment. This is too cute! Yes, a matching hat would be cute too.


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