Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Getting prepared for Ultimate Outfit Send Off

Hey there, well I'm getting ready for my month of marvelous material-hugging, yep, it's time to finish off my 100 Outfit Challenge with a kick off, it's the Ultimate Outfit Send Off (aka Veronica Darling's 24/7 Challenge - thanks Amy!) and I'm sewing a garment a day throughout July... Yay!

Here's a couple I'm getting ready:

A denim and a blue cotton smock, see the cutie little sailor collar on the ironing board? And then attached on the blue dress. JUST DARLING. And good thing I'm getting ready now, because I've just found out a friend from interstate is staying a few nights and then we're getting the insulation done in the attic which means I'll be cramped for a few days with all our junk. ARGH Domestic dilemmas!

We'll see how it all goes. *gulp*

And I'll leave you with some cutie pics of my sewing helper:

Doggie Darling isn't really that good of an assistant actually, she just bit up my 3 1/4 blue knitting needles. But luckily it didn't harm the knitting, and I found some metal back up ones in the stash. Yes, I have a knitting needle stash. Most of them come from all over, but I think Grandma gave me some of hers (as she did with some pins) so now all my stash is Grandma handmedowns as she's not with us anymore, I have a daily reminder (in a good way of course!) of my darling little Granny.


  1. I AM SOO EXCITED! I am bursting with anticipation!

  2. I love your blog, but I really love your puppy! Is it a staffy?? and did you make the way cute jacket?

  3. I love Doggie Darling's worker smock. I think it's important to have your help in uniforms, keeps it professional.


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