Friday, 26 June 2009

Knitting around the country

We're back from interstate (I spend SO much time down there at the moment!) and as we drove down to Melbs we also had some op shop and time consuming adventures along the way. First I'm ever so proud of my baby knitting! I got an excellent "Knitting in Vogue - Number 3" hard cover instruction book from a nearby op shop the other week, and I thought I'd never gush over knitting as much, but this is totally the best book!

Mainly it's totally my speed because the patterns are from over the 20th century, with an excellent range of style and fashion, and are really clear with several kinds of pictures etc and hilarious toddler photos as well. I've started this one above (from 1951), because even though it shows some detail around the collar that I've never tried before, it was listed as for beginners. And the long drive back to Sydney yesterday was just enough to finish an entire piece, the back piece!

Well, it took until Wagga to finish it, and stopping for lunch, we also found some glorious Wagga op shops and I managed a couple of more patterns for my collection:

So, I'm still on holidays today, and making the most of it! A takeaway coffee, a few online games and now a bit of crafty sorting with an edamame lunch. Delish! Thanks everyone for visiting my blog even with my frequent hiatus', I'm settled now for a few months! Or at least I hope so!

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  1. McCalls 3502 is a wonderful pattern! I made this when I was 12. It was in a sheer brown cotton with little white flowers in subtle stripes. I added more pleats in the front to frame and highlight the flowers. It was floor length with the short sleeves, just like View A.


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