Monday, 29 June 2009

A little gushy over you - #3

I found yesterday a gorgeous tutorial and how to and helper blog, called Cucumbersome! Not only do I love puns and plays on words, but I love how to's when I get into trouble and love gorgeous photos of these how to's AND lovely food photos too!

This is what she's written up about her blog:

"Britt McMaster is addicted to cucumbers. Her and her husband, Ryan, live and work in a tiny apartment in downtown Vancouver, BC. Both Ryan and Britt love to write lists of all their ideas on action sheets, and they have pages and pages. They write especially quickly after they've each had a dry cappuccino or two. Most of those fanciful ideas will stay on paper, but Cucumbersome is Britt's platform to try some out."

Gorgeous! It's a bit early, as I've only just found her blog, but I'm hereby claiming this to be a crush post about Cucumbersome! CUTE CRUSH!

But here's the tutorial that caught my eye, in that we often have old t shirts (or I get given a lot of sample shirts and weird band tshirts and promo shit shirts) that I would love to refashion, and as I'm not a t shirt wearer myself (I wear tight scoopy neck ones, if forced to) I'm often at a loss.

YAY for the Recycled fabric necklace tutorial!

Here are some pics I found on trusty google too:

Britt's necklaces:

Image from this unreal blog, via Urban Outfitters I think!

From the Threadbanger blog! It actually just links back to my crush Britt at Cucumbersome too!

YAY! I've got to get back to the sewing room, as my Darling Pup is asleep and I gotta make the most of it. I'M TURNING INTO ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEIR DOGS ARE CHILDREN. Is that bad? *whimper*

Making TWO dresses at once. EEP!


  1. Oh dee ooh, I love this idea! Now I just need to find a non side seamy tshirt!

  2. No it's normal to know you whelped the pup. The pup thinks so too. Hey I saw your pole knit in Wilford St...stunning.

  3. bonjour !
    First time i come across your blog so im gonna visit it now :)
    well ifyou wanna see my collages inspiration, check out mine, if you have some time ...
    a bientot :)
    Bouboueatime xx


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