Friday, 26 June 2009

A little sprucing up in the sewing room

Well, I've been busy today! Unpacking from our holiday and cleaning clothes (a few times as the washing machine clogged up a few times - YUK - need to get a new one), but thinking a lot about finishing off my 100 Outfit Challenge in a frenzy. I mentioned before that I could do a dress a day (as I've seen blogged in this great blog), so I've pinpointed July as having 31 days (right everyone?) and will make an item of clothing a day. I've set aside 16 patterns that are cinchybubs to make, like an hour here and there, in case I get stuck! And a few extras that I love!

Plus I have a few 1 hour skirts up my sleeve in case I get desperate on a busy work day. Here I started getting a few 'must-makes' together too, as I really would like to make cutie Emy her dress before I start everything else, and a few winter things for peeps too:

Also, I've been tempted by this challenge, to go outside the comfort zone of my usual sewing ways, and use a fabric or colour that wouldn't usually be top of the list! They've listed HOT PINK as the colour, and I've got this pretty hot pink floral bedsheet I could use, but have NO idea what to make it up in yet. I also have a hot pink zipper (second hand one) that I can use too. Ick, but yay for sewing up all my stash! Also, all these 'Dress a Day' things will be from my stash, with recycled materials as always. Zips, threads, buttons et al saved from landfill. If you're keen for a great blog article on sustainable and art projects, check out Oranges and Apples's recent post cause she's spotted something quite interesting!

I now have a sleeping warm puppy on my lap, and I don't want to go back into my sorting and sprucing frenzy! I was on such a roll!


  1. that sounds like quite a challenge!! I wish ya the best... hot pink can be tricky tricky color to use.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm soooo excited!! I hope it goes well, it sounds like you are going to be sooo super busy!!! xo

  3. yay I cant wait to see what you make, you have inspired me to sew an outfit a week! ♥

  4. Your are such an inspiration! Seriously, can't wait to see you reach your 100th handmade item!

    And yay for my dress!!! I cannot wait!

  5. Sewing is such a messy hobby, I am always amazed at the amount of mess it generates, and then there's the clutter, the patterns, the fabric the the notions etc. Still, couldn't live without it!!


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