Sunday, 7 June 2009

A mini dress for #63

Here's Outfit Number 63, a mini dress based on a vintage 1960s pattern, but shortened (mini's weren't really *that* mini in the olden days) a LOT and made from vintage upholstery material. At least I think it's that kinda material, or curtains perhaps, cause it's woven and lovely and soft.

Thanks to Husbie for the great pics as well. He caught the sunshine! I also made a black and white check dress at the same time, but I've given it to a friend to see if it fits her.

This shall be listed on the old etsy soon enough, but wanted to quickly blog before my marathon Long Weekend West Wing Festival (yay, almost up to series 7, and it's getting close to the end of everything!).

I'm working on a great yellow wiggle dress (so far so good) and just did the sweetest little bow for the neckline before puppy school with Doggie Darling. Feeling a lot better today, but very dry coughy so hopefully it's passing along.

See ya!!!


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