Monday, 8 June 2009

More tv than sewing - Hmpf!

Well, the West Wing is getting exciting (as in building to an end - that's for sure) and last night we laughed at our Sunday (Long Weekend) Night of pizza, puppy hugs, and getting drunk watching the West Wing. Haha!

Today I almost finished the yellow wiggle dress (Outfit #64), as you can see, and only have the hem and the inside tacking things to do.

The bow at the front is so sweet.

I also redid the ironing board cover because the old one was giving me the creeps:

Yellow again! I must be in love with it. Both fabrics above are second hand bedsheets, so are totally great cotton for dresses and ironingboard covers (in my books).

I was having a think today, whilst doing the wiggle dress, that I might do 30 dresses in 30 days... to amp up my numbers for the 100 Outfit Challenge, and to get my crafting into gear. A few of you lovely guys have pointed out how far my sewing has come, since I started the challenge, and I think (combined with the better machine) so too. I've got a week off toward the end of June, where I'll be away again, so I may start for July... a dress or outfit for each day in July... seems do-able... but I may have to stick with the easy styles, cause the ones I've been doing lately take AGES!

Also, as I sew in my front room, a friend walking by spotted me adjusting the yellow dress on Diana, and called in... she took home yesterday's dress to try on! So it's almost like I'm a store... the light's on and the shop's open! Ha Ha! AND Chrisy, she said the same thing! Some leggings would look great underneath.

Take care, Veronica Darling


  1. Wow that dress is looking awesome. But I come here to talk about the West Wing. Didn't you just LOVE the debate episode? That's about as far as I've gotten in series 7 so far but I'm lovin' it.

  2. I KNOW! We just watched it this week and it was great! I'm very nervous about the campaign overall, I hope they win! Josh looks so tired (but pretty cute!) so fingers crossed!

    I've started thinking I'm the blonde now too, as CJ's job is SO HARD! Ha Ha!

  3. Yes! She's looking a little tired too, poor love!


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