Thursday, 18 June 2009

Outfit #65 - Winter Shift

And here's another outfit to clock up the numbers, it's a black and white shift style dress, based on yet another vintage pattern:

I think it was a 1960s one, with a round yoke and cutie little sleeves! The material is a woolie kinda check fabric, op shopped, and I still have heaps left over, pretty good considering that I've now made 2 dresses. It's rare to find masses amounts of good fabric I reckon at the op shop. I went out the other day to the Tempe Tip, and traditionally this is a cheap way to furnish your home, stack up your wardrobe etc but lately it's turned into a proper op shop supermarket, it's at LEAST $6 for a bedsheet, and considering I often get a whole set for that price (bed sheet, matching pillow cases etc) at other op shops, BUTTTTTT, it's going to charity right right right?


  1. Tempe Tip used to be amazing - great for clothes and furniture. I was there a few motnhs ago, and felt the same way as you. I've heard that there is a good Salvation Army shop at Ashfield. Have you been?


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