Saturday, 27 June 2009

Outfit #66 - A Dainty Frock for a Young Lass

Be warned: LOADS of photos (not too heavy hopefully) as they're all so funny!

And so Outfit #66 is (almost) finished, as you can see the hem is the last bit to sew up, as we had to catch the light! I've ironed and set the length, so just need to overlock and sew it to wear tomorrow (or Monday back at work). It's made from a bedsheet, so light cotton, and I cannot really pick the era of the fabric or print. The pattern is McCalls 3502, as purchased on Thursday in Wagga Wagga (country New South Wales all you overseas folk - and an excellent source of thrift stores!) and the nifty zipper is a thrifted 'Lightning Zipp' from some great era.

Here's the rest of the dress (and the funny photos!)


As it's Satdee night (as my Poppy used to say) we're drinking wine, watching tv, and dabbling in a bit of mushroom soup via this How To! I also found this blog that looks AMAZING and shall have to do some mushroom, balsamic and mustard sanga's sometime soon!


  1. Those pics make me smile! And i love the dress, or course!

  2. Cute!!!
    You know i thought i saw you in Melbourne when you were down here, on the train (Frankston line), couldn't work out if it was you or not.

  3. O freak out I love this dress!! It is WAY way too cute!! Adorable photo shoot by the way!

  4. Hello
    I followed you here from wardrobe refashion and I think your dress turned out ever so cute! Cute sheet and I love the pattern. I think it would be nice if you could upload the pattern and finished dress pics onto

  5. oooh, I love it! I followed from Wardrobe Refashion too. Glad I did too cos you've got a great blog here! Your staffy is darling too :o)
    Anyway I'd love a dress like this and funnily enough it's very similar to a pattern that came in Patrones magazine some months back...

  6. So adorable! I had a top very similar to it in about 1974. Oh to be young and cute again!

  7. OMG. Aren't you just the cutest thing ever?

  8. Oh my goodness, everything you make is so cute. Also, I'm really glad someone else makes clothing out of bedsheets too! You can find so many bedsheets with beautiful designs, and they're cheap.

  9. I'll just have to second and third what everyone else is saying...soooo cute! I love the dress, love the fabric, love everything about it!

  10. Beautiful!!! Georgeous fabric and dress!
    My mum made me a maxi dress from a 70s pattern with a similiar neckline and frill:
    Alas despite my good intentions I havent made anything else from the pattern but after seeing yours I am inspired to dream about making it again!!


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