Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tick, tick, tick!!!

One of my fave expressions at the moment is to exclaim, "TICK!" when something is right, has been completed, or just to be funny. I think it comes from "FAIL" when you have done something wrong, or failed, like your internetz fail etc, so rather than yelling "WIN!" I've been preferring "TICK!"

And thus it works today! Woke up, TICK! Dog Park with Doggie Darling and Dearest Husbie, TICK! Darling coffee shop brunch, TICK! Grocery shop & External Hard Drive buying, TICK! So all the jobs completed successfully with BIG TICKS, so it means I can head back into the sewing room for more sewing! Yippee!

I'm trying the pattern I bought in Wagga, and so far (as Sew Brilliant pointed out) it's dreamy! It's very easy, only a few steps, and the gathering at the front is just gorgeous. I love puffy sleeves and flared puffy skirts, so it's going great. I'm using the above vintage zip, with the material to the right, creamy floral curtains (or perhaps bedspread, can't remember). The yellow floral is my to die for ironing board cover, that's getting well used!

Hope your weekend is fun and full of TICKS! like mine!


  1. Yes I'm a ticker too! Have fun with the sewing!

  2. That's cute, parker is a 'checker' - "dog lead - check, dog - check, right lets go to the park"!


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