Saturday, 13 June 2009

A - Z on my browser

I was just at the Crafty Librarian's blog and thought I'd post my A-Z list too!

As I'm hungover and lazy as all hell today, here's what Jessica wrote:

"So what you have to do is type each letter of the alphabet one by one into the URL line of your browser. This will bring up your most visited site of this letter, or the letter being used within the address. Use the first site that comes up, or the second if you have privacy/security issues. It's like a little outline of your favourite web sites!"

My blog made Jessica's list too! Here's mine (and I share this computer with my Husbie, so bare in mind it might be a bit weird!):

A - ABC News - I work in the media, so that's a nice one. Company Gal.
B - Burdastyle - of course!
C - Craft Queen
D - Domain - Oh yeah, after 18 months of looking for houses to buy Domain would be up there.
E - Etsy
F - Facebook
G - Gmail
H - Hotmail - that's weird, I've not checked my hotmail account in years, perhaps Husbie's checked his...
I - It Will All Be Okay - my bestie's website!
J - Jetstar
K - Staffordshire Bull Terriers - checking up on our doggie's breed!
L - Library Thing - a great bookie site I found via The Crafty Libararian's blog!
M - Miniclip - online games dudes, I'm addicted
N - Nikkishell - I go to her blog and the Wardrobe Refashion site quite a bit!
O - Organic Food Markets
P - Perez Hilton - trashy!
Q - Quality Camera - researching our camera!
R - Real Estate - same as
S - Sydney Morning Herald
T - The Age
U - The Urban Dictionary - such a great site! Love words!
V - Victoria Teachers Credit Union - my etsy and blog were first, so thought I'd jump to the next one
W - Where Is
X - XE - currency!
Y - Your TV
Z - THE CAST OF HOME AND AWAY - WTF???????? Must be Husbie (just asked him and he said he did ages ago - they used to work on the film colouring at his work)

Oh well, I think my A-Z reads like a media savvy researcher... who I am I guess! Funny!


  1. this is so funny! I just tried it myself, but it doesn't really work! almost all the letter lead to some roup within either flickr or blogger. My internet searching is obviously not wide enough!

  2. I had a go as well, got Urban Dictionary also!

    I love Miniclip also, I was only able to beat Gareth in a game of pool from Blast Billards.

  3. I usually avoid memes like swine flu, but this one looks fun..

  4. I think hubbie is lying about Home and Away....he probably checks it every day hehe ;)

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