Thursday, 30 July 2009

24/7 - Day Thirty - AKA Outfit #96

Day Thirty? 30 Days? I've been making an outfit every day for 30 days? Whoa, that went quickly.

I'm going to see the Doves tonight, so had to have 2 naps (count them!) in the afternoon, so only had a small window to make somethign today.

Here's a black skirt, from light knit jersey (probably meant for tshirts though:

It's from the stash too, and helped with the Built By Wendy book too. She used elastic through the waist. Dur, I'd never thought of that!

But it looks a bit bland by itself, right? I quickly googled bows, found this tutorial and voila:

An outfit for the Doves now. Luckily I let my hair go curly and I look totally 80s. I was saving the magenta and blue weird 80s print for something, perhaps some lining? But I don't think there's enough fabric. Enough for a bow though!

See ya later!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Nine - AKA Outfit #95

YAY, once again! (I'm so tired, and it's only 8.24pm, early rising is so weird sometimes)

I've caught up and here's today's Outfit. Woo!

It's the same style as Outfit #94, gathered skirt with pockets, but it's from that knit fabric from Outfit #93 (I'm sure you're all keeping tabs on me!) doesn't have a zipper. And it's like I said the other week (Lazy sewers take note) when you've got the same colour thread in the machine(s) just keep doing the same coloured outfits, so hence all the white based fabric I've been using. (The denim looked good with the white stitching - as it does)

I'll have to switch tomorrow, because I have one very special outfit to finish off, it's one I started at the start of the month, but it got buried! So I'll be switching the machine threads over to navy blue for some more denim sewing, and perhaps use up some of the other blue florals I have in the stash.

Oh, and before I go, Franca (of Oranges & Apples) have a look on my new lovely shelf if you see anything familiar:

A little anchor all framed up! (next to Morrissey!)

Even though the month has been EXTREMELY busy, perhaps I'll do a 24/7 challenge every July, it's been uber productive and have totally explored a lot of styles I'd never have tried otherwise. Easy and simple sewing styles that is. (*HUGS OVERLOCKER AGAIN*)

YAY. Good night lovey doveys.

24/7 - Day Twenty Eight - AKA Outfit #94

And here's Outfit #94, I'm so freaking close to 100 it's ridiculous!

It's thicker denim, a leftover from a dress I made and listed on etsy once before.

What I like about this skirt is the POCKETS. Yep! I actually don't have a lot of pockets in my things, so it's nice to try them out occasionally!

It's all stash related onced again, and does up with a zipper at the back. NOICE!

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #11

Ahhh, another Wednesday. And another heaps busy day at work.

I totally wore that dress from yesterday's Outfit, the tube dress:

Looks ok, I think I might take it in further around my hips, cause it's not uber tight there. And looks better looser on top, tighter round the bottom. YEAH

And look at this cool shot, I took it before I'd adjusted the exposure from last night:

I like it!

People seem to celebrate anniversaries on blogland, and as I'm going to finish the Outfit Challenge (an outfit a day through July - 24/7 Veronica Darling's Dress a Day etc etc etc) on Friday, perhaps I should celebrate. What should I do? I mean I'm the type who'd totally drink lots of champagne at the opening of an envelope, so I could toast myself with good champagne. But what about on blogland? Maybe I could do a giveaway or something... Can you help me decide?

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Seven - AKA Outfit #93

And getting closer to 100.

I'm a day behind thanks to those ruddy sleeves and their even ruddier elastic, but luckily my friend showed me a dress she'd bought from an American owned Australian store, and it pretty much was a tube with holes for the neck and holes for the arms, and of course a big hole for her cute legs to go through.


*hugs overlocker*

I'm utterly amazed that I can now 'whip' up an outfit. Utterly amazed. I only had weird floral knit fabric to spare, but I think it'll look pretty cute with cowboy boots or whatever. Perhaps I'll wear it tomorrow to show her.

This is the busiest week at work to be full time sewing, so things like the tube dress above has helped out. I've cut out two skirts (nice gathered ones, with pockets! Oh my!) so hopefully tomorrow afternoon (once work has settled down) I'll sew them up.


What I got at the Op Shop (and finally the sleeves saga ends)

So yesterday, I didn't find any second hand elastic, but I did find some tiny shelves:

Tiny Shelves; perfect for BOBBIN things, and THREAD things! That's the before pic, and I've worked out it can home over 60 bobbins of full sized threads, which will be just right for my stash (if you recall I had a few op shop finds, plus my friend donated all her grandma's precious stash, so my threads needed a new house!) Yay! I unsuccessfully hammered in a few nails, so Husbie says he'll make it a weekend project.

And, here are the sleeves, with proper elastic:

Cute & Milkmaid-esque.

Monday, 27 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Six - AKA Outfit #92

Oh, before I duck out, here's my little baby tshirt! Yay!

As I've been using those Built By Wendy Stretch patterns, I'm starting to get a feel of how tshirts go, and thought (now that I have a new 2 day old baby friend in Melbourne) I'd make her a tshirt for Outfit #92 of this fun time (but busy) challenge. I used the same material as this dress, cause of the softness and it's so light as well. Perfect for baby.

Perhaps I need to fix that hem up a little... but otherwise it's perfect, and it was MUCH easier to sew that I thought! I took the measurements from a vintage baby jumpsuit pattern I had (google was no help), so I'm not sure how it'll fit, but I did manage the scoop neckline ok, so hopefully it'll fit over her darling head.

But the best bit? My gathered sleeves, they are particularly girly, and so cute!

Ok, ducking off to op shop now! I did a LOT of work early today, and will spend a large chunk of my day tomorrow at work, so I got home at 10.30am, and have been pretending that I 'work from home' like a few of you lovely readers... And it's GREAT!


24/7 - Day Twenty Five - AKA Outfit #91

So as I hastly put yesterday, I made up 2 dresses, but didn't have the right elastic to finish off the sleeves. Today I still don't have the elastic, but will perhaps fit some time in for an opshop trip to Dulwich Hill, cause they've got haberdash stuff sometimes... you all know I like to be thrifty and ethical (in my own mind) about my sewing.

Anyways, this one will be totally cute, once it's finished:

And the nice tie at the back:

So this is Outfit #91, today I'll post #Outfit 92 (the baby's top - yay - my new friend is a girl, so I'll send her the baby top and this lovely red summer dress) and make up another outfit... not sure what yet.

But here's a bit of my (kinda) neater sewing room, and as we have two computers the old one can sit here on the desk with me (and when I'm using the cutting board, it can sit on the shelf to the right).

I honestly had a medium sized spruce up over the weekend too, but it's a bit of a mess again! We don't have visitors until this weekend, so I'll get organised for another big spruce up then.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Four - AKA Outfit #90

Well, I got really excited about our highspeed internetz that I forgot to blog and got lazy on my outfit a day challenge! I did walk past my old hangout (aka the pub) today, and thought, jeepers I better hop to it!

So, the funniest thing about these next couple of outfits; it's the first time I've had to stop sewing because I didn't have WHITE ELASTIC in my stash!

This dress you'll have seen before, but here is a more modestly lengthed version! And I decided to do two at once, both white-ish based floral bedsheets means you can do both at the same time (front piece, zipper, facings) all at the same time, with the same thread. A great way to make things faster, cause you're not changing thread or zipper foots all the time, Yay for Lazy Sewing.

Anyways, I got to the sleeves, the last part, and made the gorgeously matched casings, and then went to find some elastic... I only had stacks of black (typical) and no thin white stuff anywhere. BUT I did have some shirring elastic, thought that would work, but after spending a good hour threading it through (doubled) once I overlocked it, it all came apart inside the casing. A disaster!

And here are the sleeves!

I'll have to post the pink dress (Outfit 91) and the baby tee tomorrow (Outfit 92), as I've totally run out of time! It's good having the internerdz on, but I keep getting distracted by doggie, Trueblood and my darling Husbie! What a great weekend. xoxo

Friday, 24 July 2009

Lovely wireless fast internetz

OMFG, I'm sitting with the laptop on the bed with wireless and fast speed internet and I've been soooooo happy all afternoon I've actually forgotten to make anything! I better hop to it now though! Yay!!!



Thursday, 23 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Three - AKA Outfit #89

Hi! Back again (gosh how regular am I) but this time a little earlier in the day, since I was a little more calculated with my garment choice!

I've been reading Built By Wendy's Home Stretch Book (that links to Amazon, fyi, but you can buy it on any online bookstore I'm sure) a bit here and there, and made a this lovely red dress last week from her instructions. So today I followed the instructions for the EASIEST tshirt possible, one that has overlocked seams and hems, so no folding or bias tape or any fiddly bits.

So I found this stashed cotton jersey (aren't I learning about knit and stretchy fabric), and thought I'd whip a tshirt up:

But then I got adventurous with my figure, and decided a shorter version of the tshirt would look best, but the clingy fabric just didn't sit right and I was worried it'll look a bit crop toppy in a BAD way, so I added a skirt bit:

Thoughts? I'm not TOO keen on the clingy-ness, but maybe cause it's still winter (the weather did a turnaround today!) and I have to wear stockings and a singlet underneath cause it's so see through. It might grow on me.

Anyways, it only took an hour, so I've actually come to the cafe across the road instead to blog, and it's so lovely compared to the pub. Instead of wine I'm having English Breakfast Tea and a caramel slice. Delish!

Off to read your blog now, as I am a Lady of Leisure who has finished her homework early. *CHUFFED*

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

WWW - Watcha Wearing Wednesday #10

AND, I also got the camera out for a WWW day (c/o Fi)! Doggie Darling too!

My new shoes are getting a workout! They're Melissa, and did you know they smell like bubblegum cause they're made of plastic?! I actually went to work (at 5am) with a big jacket and a scarf, but I left the house realising the temperature was no different outside to inside the house! Even at that time. We have experiences a total spring time day here in Sydney, I think it was supposed to be 23 degrees!

And, with attitude, with excitement for my fave romper (and only romper) I've ever made:


YAY x 2000! Ok, better rush off to get tea ready now!

24/7 - Day Twenty Two - AKA Outfit #88

So I thought I'd improvise a bit today, and I've never made an apron before, and the opshop one I have is cute, but rather big, and not very Sexy Housewife (not that I am either) so, I thought 'How hard can it be?'...

Well it would have only taken an hour, but instead I got excited. Yep... how can one not be excited when sewing AND refashioning... SO, I wanted to use this darling blue floral pillowslip, and if I'd just left it at, I would have had dinner cooked by now (instead of sitting in the pub writing to you). But for some reason I thought "How about some frills?????!!!! It'd look cute!"

Yep, cute is right, however it took FOREVER to do because for some reason I decided I should also line it, or back it with another vintage pillow slip of feathers:

And yep, that's why it took all afternoon to make up. It's fully reversible, and I so very proud of that, but my fingers have gathered up too much frill and I also interfaced (just the blue side) and DIDN'T USE A PATTERN. I'm over 'Freestyling' as I put it the other day!

But, what a lovely little Outfit. I'm considering putting a pocket on both sides, and somehow sewing just once through all fabrics, I can be that clever right?

And how Sexy Housewife is the little bow:


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty One- AKA Outfit #87

I feel like starting off all my posts these days with "YAY"!!! So just a little update on yesterday's outfit (because I'm sure you were totally aching to find out if it fits) as I finished the buttons (don't they look cute) and the hems:

AND IT FITS! And like Penny says, you totally need attitude to wear it! I have some wedge heels that are practically the same colour, so I can't wait for spring time! It's still a little cold to wear just cotton, and unfortunately Husbie didn't get home in time to take a photo of me in it...

But he did get home in time to see this darling little dress for Outfit #87!

Looks a bit small? That's because it's for a little BABY! The baby I have in mind hasn't been born yet, and we don't know if it's a girl or a boy, so this looks a bit girlie:

So if little bubba is a boy, I'll most likely post this little knitted jumper I'm working on (when I watch tv). How cute is the back?

I have heard that things that don't have to pull on over a little bubba's head is best, so I love that it ties up at the back. It's stash leftovers, and I totally vintage cotton fabric. I lined it with white fabric, that kinda stretched around a bit, so that was a bit bad, but it turned out ok. Very cute. Vintage stash buttons too!

One of the best thins about doing my challenge this month is that I'm constantly thinking of what to sew next, because the project is finished daily, and I feel really inspired. I'm thinking of baby tees, more rompers, and more skirts to ease up the stash almost every free second of the day... it's totally what it's like to be a creative sewing gal... almost full time! (Even though I am still working full time, and cooking tea and caring for Doggie Darling... the kitchen is a mess!)

Anyways, best be off to cook up a risotto!

Monday, 20 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty- AKA Outfit #86

I'm certainly getting into the swing of blogging on this challenge month, I'm DYING to get to the computer and blog as soon as I finish my Outfits!

So I got home from work today, loved my darling doggie, and then headed straight into the sewing room for some fun:

I usually reserve patterns for the weekend, as they are occasionally more time consuming, and during the week you just wanna FREESTYLE! But I've been dying to make this romper for ages, and since they're all the rage, I better make it quick!

This pattern actually came with a darling little piece of tissue instructions (and it was so carefully folded - whoever owned this one, totally looked after it!) that helped you with "How to Make a Better Fitting Jumpsuit", and thus I followed the instructions:

And discovered I was smaller in the top bit, so adjusted my pattern accordingly. Then I realised I only had enough fabric (gorgeous cotton candy stripes) for everything but the facings, so hacked the white bits from this top (I'd actually bought from the op shop to use the floral bit):

And I sewed it up with NO problems whatsoever, rompers are just too adorable:

There are NO zippers, it's a totally pull on and go piece, but has the elastic around the middle. I haven't tried it on yet, so hopefully it fits:

I'll have to do the buttons on the shoulder tomorrow (3 each side, so I'll use stash buttons for that too) and the hems of the legs, but it's just so cute! I was totally inspired to do stripes by Jenny Wilson, cause when she toured Australia a few years back, she and her backing vocal gals were all clad in stripey jumpsuits/rompers. DARLING! Here's the white cotton as the facing:

And here are the darling little pockets!

So, I'm uber proud of this one (as you can tell) but I'm so sorry for the dusky photos. There seemed to be enough light, but I think I just missed it. Today was such a beautiful sunny winter's day, so it seemed apt to sew up this fun time outfit.


24/7 - Day Nineteen - AKA Outfit #85

Yay! Outfit Number 85 is quite a knockout dress! It's one of those Retro style re-released patterns, and is just dinky, not to mention HOT:

And the darling (if perhaps a bit lopsided) v-back bit:

This is probably the best and accurate colour I can get on the camera, as the purple has some red tones, it just doesn't work for inside pics:

Hmmm... it's totally stash fabric and zippedy doo dah, AND thread! This 'Outfit a Day' Challenge, or the Ultimate Outfit Challenge 24/7 Veronica Darling Does Dallas (etc etc etc) event has really tested my stash, and thankfully I've not gone to the shops once during July. And it's now freaking the 20th! I'm really proud of my mad sewing skills, and the amount of stash stuff.

Anyways, I'm back in the pub, so will have to quickly post today's Outfit before 7pm. But GREAT news: our internerds will be back on Friday. Yay. Speedy, Naked (ooh la la) and DSL of some sort, from the iinetz people. Fingers crossed it'll all be fine. What a drama to not have any connection at home, as I'm finding I really need to blog each outfit as close to the day (I make it) as possible, cause it's total motivation!

And gosh Doggie Darling is cute, and growing up:

I love her!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

24/7 - Day Eighteen - AKA Outfit #84


My blogging today is courtesy of the pub up the road (again due to lack of internetz at home) with a soundtrack of weird dancey music on the jukebox and the Swans playing footy on the telly. We ate chips with gravy, while I blogged my most recent collection of garments! Yum!

So, once again here is the muu muu of yesterday:

Lots of fabric in that frilly trim! And so I cut that off, and then trimmed a bit off the edge, overlocked it all, folded over the band (it's really thin material - and wanted to make it a bit thicker because you'd see interfacing through the light fabric) and stuck a zip in the side:

So yay!

Thanks for all your encouragement and comments, I'm loving reading your thoughts! I'm sorry I haven't dropped by your blogs, without my internets at home I have to rush through the posting here at the pub, but hopefully we'll have new connection soon.

Take care, xoxo

24/7 - Day Seventeen - AKA Outfit #83

A while ago, I was on a Muumuu Collection phase:

Big mad patterns where my fave, and certainly lots of material in the muumuu was required. I still have a lot stashed away on my crafty shelf, so I pulled one of these out yesterday and studied it for yonks, and then decided I could make 2 things, so first up, the obvious:

A baggy beach throw mini dress. Well it's a mini on me, that's for sure, but it may be a long blouse on someone of normal size, or perhaps even a summery floaty maternity top.

I cut the frill off the dress, and reattached a thinner frill, that's it. But I'm not sure if I should leave the sleeves or gather them and put a band on them? Perhaps I should have taken a photo of me in it too, so it looks less mumsie.

Oh well! Anyways, it was an easy refashion for me, and now I'm up to 83/100 for my 100 Outfit Challenge! Woot!

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