Saturday, 18 July 2009

24/7 - Day Eighteen - AKA Outfit #84


My blogging today is courtesy of the pub up the road (again due to lack of internetz at home) with a soundtrack of weird dancey music on the jukebox and the Swans playing footy on the telly. We ate chips with gravy, while I blogged my most recent collection of garments! Yum!

So, once again here is the muu muu of yesterday:

Lots of fabric in that frilly trim! And so I cut that off, and then trimmed a bit off the edge, overlocked it all, folded over the band (it's really thin material - and wanted to make it a bit thicker because you'd see interfacing through the light fabric) and stuck a zip in the side:

So yay!

Thanks for all your encouragement and comments, I'm loving reading your thoughts! I'm sorry I haven't dropped by your blogs, without my internets at home I have to rush through the posting here at the pub, but hopefully we'll have new connection soon.

Take care, xoxo


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