Thursday, 16 July 2009

24/7 - Day Fifteen - AKA Outfit #81

Here's my outfit from yesterday, and I'm ultra proud of this one, because I think it took less that 45 minutes to whip up:

And a lovely vintage button and zip:

It's a cotton skirt, of my own design (I feel a bit posh saying that) that I've perfected now on my Outfit a Day Challenge in July. I made this one last week in over an hour, and still using my techniques from this skirt with the gathering, the skirt above is now a prototype of the FASTEST SKIRT EVER!

The trick is that when you're attaching the waistband to the top of the gathers, instead of attaching one side of the waistband and then sewing flat the top side, you actually attach both sides all at once (and you have to neaten up the ends) so you don't have to double up. The doubling up does make it look neater (in that the top of the waistband then covers your overlocking) but if you're doing an Outfit a Day like I am, you've gotta cut corners.

I'm wearing this one today test it out, and it's actually quite good. The fabric was leftover from a tunic I made a few winters ago!

Not sure what I'm going to make today, I'm heading home now (from workd), so perhaps I'll catch you later!

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  1. My God! Someone who loves red more than me! I'm loving your outfit a day so much!!


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