Wednesday, 8 July 2009

24/7 - Day Five - AKA Outfit #71

Here's Sunday's Outfit today, but at least I'm heading further into the 70s now and getting closer to 100 Outfits! Yay!

It's another Ra Ra Skirt, but this time with vintage silky material... it does kinda feel like thin raw silk, with a few rough bits here and there. I only had enough for the frills and the skirt bands, so had to use yesterday's cut off's to make the waistband. It's a little bit different to that first skirt because I didn't have enough material for massive frills, but I think it still looks cute:

And some poses:

I'm not sure if I'll sell it or keep it, but it fits me well! So back in the sewing room now, I still need to do 3 outfits to catch up, but hey, I love it so it's fun times and no stress.

I've got dumplings to eat for lunch and then hitting some trousers (checked winter ones for me - I wanna look like Shirley Temple) and then perhaps some baby skirts and shorts for my baby friends!

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