Tuesday, 7 July 2009

24/7 - Day Four - AKA Outfit #70

I tried to post this yesterday, but other things popped up (TV - Trueblood, more sewing, eating and interstate travellers) and now I feel I'm really dropping behind the outfits.

Here's 4/31 (aka Outfit 70 in the 100 Outfit Challenge) from my 24/7 Sewing Extravaganza where I make an outfit today... this outfit was planned on Saturday (I promise!) but sort of cut out on Sunday, and even furtherly sewn up on Monday and Tuesday. Eep!

A Ra Ra Skirt! It's nicely highwaisted (28 inched waist - hint hint Sarah!) and has loads of soft ruffles all around with a a little zipper at the back.

It's some 80s fabric I got in Marrickville (bought new) but was on special, but check out my vintage button, care of a darling friend's Granny. She had colour coordinated all the buttons and I have bagfuls all over the place, so stay tuned for darling little vintage things popping up everywhere.

Day Five's skirt has been made too, but cause of the slowness of my (life) internet the pics are stuck on the lappy and not getting to blogger quick enough. I'll post it this arvo hopefully. And Day Six & Seven's outfits are being planned and cut out too, hopefully catching up today. Hopefully hopefully hopefully!

Check out my photoshop!

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  1. You are one seriously talented chick. Your work really inspires me.
    And I love True Blood, too! You should read the books, they rock!


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