Wednesday, 15 July 2009

24/7 - Day Fourteen - AKA Outfit #80

YAY, it's Outfit #80! A pattern from the 60s (don't have it with me cause I'm AT THE PUB again on free wi-fi) and material from 'red stash' and a little jiffy style collared frock:

I did start it yesterday, but something happened... oh that's right:

I saw Harry Potter at IMAX, and it had 3D and it was scary! I wore 3D glasses, darlings, and looked fabulous in a cape (the only wizardish thing I own) and it was good. I love how they're just reader's digest versions of the books, and I love how Ron Weasley's voice has broken and he's all hunky and ginger and grown up.

Hee hee!

Anyways, the dress above turned out just "okay" in my books. It wasn't tricky, the stash material needed heavy pressing all the time, but couldn't handle the iron too hot so I'm sad to say there's lots of shiny bits from the iron on it. I have NO idea how to fix that, and am a bit worried that my iron is getting run down, and I've only had it for less that 2 years I think. I'll have to give it a massive clean.

Nevertheless, it's quite a cute dress.

A colleague today suggested I go to market after this month is out, with all my cozzies, cause Slurry Hills is one I could try easily I suppose. THOUGHTS? DISCUSS? ETC?


  1. I love the pattern and the red! Would you pass on the pattern number? Greatly appreciate it!

  2. I love this one too.
    The collar is quite unusual on this one!

  3. Google came up with a few suggestions for removing the shiny iron marks :)

    I google - remove shiny iron marks - and the first few results look promising (I'd paste the links for the actual sites but paste isn't working for some reason)

  4. It was scary! I thought the 3D was awesome. So is your dress as well :o) I'm constantly amazed by the outfits you whip up!

  5. Great dress Veronica!

    Now I know I'm going to sound like a big giant nerd but those Weasley twins have always made me weak in the knees! Even before the movies came out! heeeheee!

  6. Your dress! Oh my god! It's fantastic!

    And Harry Potter at Imax! What a great idea! Did you have to turn your head much?

    And Surry Hills Market! Oh my god! Great idea! Have you done markets before? You have to kinda go in with this "expect nothing" attitude in order to have fun...

  7. I love this dress...I would totally wear it!


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