Monday, 20 July 2009

24/7 - Day Nineteen - AKA Outfit #85

Yay! Outfit Number 85 is quite a knockout dress! It's one of those Retro style re-released patterns, and is just dinky, not to mention HOT:

And the darling (if perhaps a bit lopsided) v-back bit:

This is probably the best and accurate colour I can get on the camera, as the purple has some red tones, it just doesn't work for inside pics:

Hmmm... it's totally stash fabric and zippedy doo dah, AND thread! This 'Outfit a Day' Challenge, or the Ultimate Outfit Challenge 24/7 Veronica Darling Does Dallas (etc etc etc) event has really tested my stash, and thankfully I've not gone to the shops once during July. And it's now freaking the 20th! I'm really proud of my mad sewing skills, and the amount of stash stuff.

Anyways, I'm back in the pub, so will have to quickly post today's Outfit before 7pm. But GREAT news: our internerds will be back on Friday. Yay. Speedy, Naked (ooh la la) and DSL of some sort, from the iinetz people. Fingers crossed it'll all be fine. What a drama to not have any connection at home, as I'm finding I really need to blog each outfit as close to the day (I make it) as possible, cause it's total motivation!

And gosh Doggie Darling is cute, and growing up:

I love her!


  1. That dress is great! You look could be on your way to a cruise, to play some bridge or converse with Poirot. ;-) I really love it!

  2. Beautiful, Veronica! "Knockout" is the perfect word for it. I just love that plum colour.

  3. Ooooh I've been toying with doing that pattern for YEARS!! but never had the courage. It looks GREAT on you! Hmm... you have inspired me. (again).



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