Saturday, 18 July 2009

24/7 - Day Seventeen - AKA Outfit #83

A while ago, I was on a Muumuu Collection phase:

Big mad patterns where my fave, and certainly lots of material in the muumuu was required. I still have a lot stashed away on my crafty shelf, so I pulled one of these out yesterday and studied it for yonks, and then decided I could make 2 things, so first up, the obvious:

A baggy beach throw mini dress. Well it's a mini on me, that's for sure, but it may be a long blouse on someone of normal size, or perhaps even a summery floaty maternity top.

I cut the frill off the dress, and reattached a thinner frill, that's it. But I'm not sure if I should leave the sleeves or gather them and put a band on them? Perhaps I should have taken a photo of me in it too, so it looks less mumsie.

Oh well! Anyways, it was an easy refashion for me, and now I'm up to 83/100 for my 100 Outfit Challenge! Woot!

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