Thursday, 9 July 2009

24/7 - Day Six - AKA Outfit #72

Yay, another finished dress in my catch up week. I'm aiming for 31 outfits in 31 days of July, you know the drill by now right?

This is a vintage inspired wiggle dress, watch your back Joanie! This is one for the Madmen lovers for sure!

It's a very light, slightly stretchy vintage material. Perhaps cotton blended with something synthetic, but it looks much thicker and heavier in these photos, which I quite like as it still has beautiful structure.

It's 100 per cent vintage Ladies, so if you love your nostalgic style, it's for you! Even all the threads are 'handmedowns' from my friend's granny! Woo! I'm in the middle of another wiggle dress too, and forgot to tailor this one for me, so it's going to be in my etsy store later on. A few people are work were saying I'm running a 'sweat shop' this month, with myself as slave labour, but I'll have to say it's a 'Sweet Shop' with the cutest little sweetie dresses around. LOLZ in the office that's for sure, but I wish sometimes my only job was sewing!

And here's me trying it on (too big!) in the bedroom, what a messy room!

Anyways, better dash, like I said I've got another wiggle dress in darker thicker material, a red skirt I found (but haven't posted in my challenge yet - oops!), and a refashion (a top and some material I'm going to refashion into a dress). Phew x a million.


  1. One day i'm going to have to get you to make one of these dresses in my meaurements, I love them!

  2. I LOVE the things you make... found you through WR or one of those- What pattern do you use for these dresses? I need one in my life.


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