Saturday, 11 July 2009

24/7 - Day Ten - AKA Outfit #76

Well, I did get the red knit dress kinda ready to be yesterday's outfit, but had a change of heart so here are a pair of shorts instead!

Very cute, and very short. I followed a vintage pattern, quite closely too, for these and they look just darling as little play fashion shorts. Everything fits, but by gosh, the waistband is quite small, so not sure how I'll fasten the waistband. It does up by a vintage zipper at the back ok, but I might have to get a clasp or add on some extra material. OR give it away to someone more petite than me...

They're made from vintage fabric, curtain like stuff that you may have seen somewhere else! And sadly, the bed hasn't survived puppy tantrums, so thought it was time to use the leftover material.

Husbie helped me with the photos, and he says they're cute, but thinks they're bunchy at the front. I thought things bunched when they were too big? Anyways, I'm off to make something else for today's Outfit.

Perhaps I should put a little side bar announcement that I'm sewing like madness itself doing an outfit a day, for the month of July... so 31 outfits for 31 days of July... Might save me from writing it all the time. I'm a bit of a resetting queen though, like in Law & Order when they come back from the ad, and they repeat everything in the first minute, so you're up to speed to where things are in case you've forgotten. Reset. I've even got a hand signal for it, cause I work in radio. Reset reset reset.

Speaking of radio, are you enjoying triple j's Hottest 100 Of All Time at the moment? I love hearing Johnny Cash, The Cure and Jeff Buckley on the radio again!

Oh, and check out how the hairdressers did my hair today! Gorgeous hey!?


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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