Friday, 3 July 2009

24/7 - Day Three - AKA Outfit #69

A refashion for my third day of my The Ultimate Outfit Send Off (perhaps I don't need to recap anymore... right? I'm making an outfit a day in July to finally finish my 100 Outfit Challenge) YAY

It was an extra large pillow case:

Now a little mini skirt!

It was one of those big pillow cases with an extra frill bit, except it wasn't frilled, just extra material for me to use! Lucky! But tricky because one side was striped and the other was a weird pattern that didn't really work as a skirt... anyways, it's kinda cute and my own pattern, so I'll list it on etsy once I get some better piccies... as it's late now and Husbie and I are way too busy to get some proper ones. I'm in the middle of making this quiche and watching So You Think You Can Dance, but about to put True Blood on. Finally! I've been dying to see it for ages, but have been caught up in the West Wing. Phew! What a sad state of affairs in the last few episodes. I cried about 27 times!


Thanks for being awesome and a total darling, leave a message!

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