Monday, 13 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twelve - AKA Outfit #78

Okay, Diana's a bit shy and sensitive at the moment (I knocked her over in my busy sewing storm today - yes I actually said 'Sorry Diana!) so please don't laugh at how she looks in sexpot fashions, her hips are just naturally bumpy:

(hee hee) she DOES have dials and adjustable hips, and not every girl is perfect.

It's the same style as my dress (was it last week? I forget, so hence the hyperlink here) but a little longer and a smidge bigger in the bust cause I'll give it to my friend. She gave me a vintage navy blue dress last week that didn't fit her, and so it's a trade:

Red just comes up weird in some photos/light hey? Am totally in the swing of doing knit/stretch fabrics now, it's so great to have something fitted but without the hassle of doing a zippy. It certainly cuts down the time on a garmet, so perfect for my 100 outfit challenge send off!

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