Monday, 20 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty- AKA Outfit #86

I'm certainly getting into the swing of blogging on this challenge month, I'm DYING to get to the computer and blog as soon as I finish my Outfits!

So I got home from work today, loved my darling doggie, and then headed straight into the sewing room for some fun:

I usually reserve patterns for the weekend, as they are occasionally more time consuming, and during the week you just wanna FREESTYLE! But I've been dying to make this romper for ages, and since they're all the rage, I better make it quick!

This pattern actually came with a darling little piece of tissue instructions (and it was so carefully folded - whoever owned this one, totally looked after it!) that helped you with "How to Make a Better Fitting Jumpsuit", and thus I followed the instructions:

And discovered I was smaller in the top bit, so adjusted my pattern accordingly. Then I realised I only had enough fabric (gorgeous cotton candy stripes) for everything but the facings, so hacked the white bits from this top (I'd actually bought from the op shop to use the floral bit):

And I sewed it up with NO problems whatsoever, rompers are just too adorable:

There are NO zippers, it's a totally pull on and go piece, but has the elastic around the middle. I haven't tried it on yet, so hopefully it fits:

I'll have to do the buttons on the shoulder tomorrow (3 each side, so I'll use stash buttons for that too) and the hems of the legs, but it's just so cute! I was totally inspired to do stripes by Jenny Wilson, cause when she toured Australia a few years back, she and her backing vocal gals were all clad in stripey jumpsuits/rompers. DARLING! Here's the white cotton as the facing:

And here are the darling little pockets!

So, I'm uber proud of this one (as you can tell) but I'm so sorry for the dusky photos. There seemed to be enough light, but I think I just missed it. Today was such a beautiful sunny winter's day, so it seemed apt to sew up this fun time outfit.



  1. Ooh that's too cute! I think to pull off a romper you need attitude, you'll be great!

  2. I love your blog, I just found it yesterday morning and you have already posted two more outfits! Your sewing skills and motivation really impress me. Thanks for sharing!


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