Monday, 27 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Five - AKA Outfit #91

So as I hastly put yesterday, I made up 2 dresses, but didn't have the right elastic to finish off the sleeves. Today I still don't have the elastic, but will perhaps fit some time in for an opshop trip to Dulwich Hill, cause they've got haberdash stuff sometimes... you all know I like to be thrifty and ethical (in my own mind) about my sewing.

Anyways, this one will be totally cute, once it's finished:

And the nice tie at the back:

So this is Outfit #91, today I'll post #Outfit 92 (the baby's top - yay - my new friend is a girl, so I'll send her the baby top and this lovely red summer dress) and make up another outfit... not sure what yet.

But here's a bit of my (kinda) neater sewing room, and as we have two computers the old one can sit here on the desk with me (and when I'm using the cutting board, it can sit on the shelf to the right).

I honestly had a medium sized spruce up over the weekend too, but it's a bit of a mess again! We don't have visitors until this weekend, so I'll get organised for another big spruce up then.


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