Sunday, 26 July 2009

24/7 - Day Twenty Four - AKA Outfit #90

Well, I got really excited about our highspeed internetz that I forgot to blog and got lazy on my outfit a day challenge! I did walk past my old hangout (aka the pub) today, and thought, jeepers I better hop to it!

So, the funniest thing about these next couple of outfits; it's the first time I've had to stop sewing because I didn't have WHITE ELASTIC in my stash!

This dress you'll have seen before, but here is a more modestly lengthed version! And I decided to do two at once, both white-ish based floral bedsheets means you can do both at the same time (front piece, zipper, facings) all at the same time, with the same thread. A great way to make things faster, cause you're not changing thread or zipper foots all the time, Yay for Lazy Sewing.

Anyways, I got to the sleeves, the last part, and made the gorgeously matched casings, and then went to find some elastic... I only had stacks of black (typical) and no thin white stuff anywhere. BUT I did have some shirring elastic, thought that would work, but after spending a good hour threading it through (doubled) once I overlocked it, it all came apart inside the casing. A disaster!

And here are the sleeves!

I'll have to post the pink dress (Outfit 91) and the baby tee tomorrow (Outfit 92), as I've totally run out of time! It's good having the internerdz on, but I keep getting distracted by doggie, Trueblood and my darling Husbie! What a great weekend. xoxo


  1. I adore your blog and have been following your outfit a day challenge - strangely enough have only thought to post a comment today.

    I added your link to my favourites list on my own blog!


  2. Can't wait to see it with the sleeves but it looks great sleeveless! It looks like a really nice summer dress. Great job!


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